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Time to get delicious

To turn his compositions into sounds, Slim knew he needed musicians experienced with the joys of coloring outside the lines.  Clinton Cameron on drums and percussion, and Greg "Goyo" Hernandez on guitar, have been members of or played with many influential bands, Fishbone, Mezklah, Five Degrees of Soul to name a few. 

The existential lyrics weave baritone-voiced stories of human existence through disparate rhythms and hairpin time signature changes, the weft and warp forming an enigmatic whole.  With their debut E.P. "Bits Of Twilight," Slim Zwerling & The Yums extend an invitation to enjoy music beyond the box.

Los Angeles-based Slim Zwerling & The Yums challenge audiences to venture outside the constraints of musical categories. With a sound that one would assume to be the natural consequence of Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Perez Prado being roommates in a Havana flat, Slim Zwerling & The Yums assure us that genre is no more than a name tag, a construct completely undefining.

After a career spent touring and recording with Jimmy Cliff, Blackalicious, Money Mark, Prince Buster, Yeska and Future Pigeon, Slim decided to explore creatively without regard to scene, nostalgia or fad. 


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